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Kuro Maguro @ Tanjong Pagar Centre

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Kuro Maguro is a sell out during lunch hours and with their speciality in premium tuna, I've been tempted to just splurge on their lunch sets just for the melt in the mouth tuna slices.


Kiwami Meshi ($42.80)

This comes with an assortment of sea urchin, tuna belly, salmon belly, sweet prawns, squid, eel and ikura, akin to having chirashi don only way more satisfying because the seafood slices are reasonably thick. Look at how the sashimi curls! Droolicious.

Toro Uni Meshi ($35.90)

Their assortment of seafood dons are so plenty, we definitely had a hard time just picking two and even with uni and tuna belly, it was equally good. Especially atop a fluffy bed of vinegar sushi rice and seaweed, I can understand why tuna belly itself can hold a meal of its own.

Hohoniku Karaage ($16)

Maguro Gyoza ($7.80)

We were definitely on a roll with all things tuna and even the snacks were also the same. Fried tuna cheek and tuna gyoza were both bar snacks and I prefer the gyoza. Somehow the tuna cheek had an aftertaste.

Worth the splurge and until the next splurge I'd be dreaming up that bowl of tuna belly and rice. Kudos to the service staff for entertaining our request for a baby chair which they borrowed!

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Tanjong Pagar Centre

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