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Kooks Creamery @ The Cathay

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I joined the youngsters in one of those dessert escapade and was introduced to the not so in vogue but very instagrammable range of desserts at Kooks. Since 2016 they have been serving up molten lava cookies with icecream and here's it - the full theatrics await: from the pouring of the icecream on the soft cookie to the cookie porn of the oozy filling (ranges from unicorn coloured white chocolate, milk chocolate or matcha).
The icecream selection process was like usual sample and decide except, there wasn't one that truly stood out for me despite sampling a number of flavours.

BYO Unicorn Lava Set ($10)
White chocolate molten cookie + raspberry and blueberry

We weren't exactly told how to assemble our unicorn when the reheated cookie was served with the icecream. So in a blur, we plonked on the ears and horn and dunked the icecream scoop on the cookie. Ideally the white chocolate would spill like lava and create the most instagrammable moment.

We failed for this and had two more to capture the perfect moment.

Kooks Singature Lava Set ($8.50)
Chocolate molten cookie + earl grey/coffee

And of course, practice does makes perfect amongst the flurry of activity. Gosh, is this how being 10 years younger is all over again? Being excited over molten lava food.

Yet when the excitement dissipated and it came to savouring it, here's my review.

  • It's a savoury butter cookie that crumbles so easily and better paired with the non fruity flavours.
  • The coffee and tea flavours were a tad too strong for me and I thought the corn flakes pairing was just...interesting. More cornflakes maybe? Even at a price premium for the Unicorn Lava Set, we did not get more premium toppings, just cookie dust.
  • The icecreams were hardly milky and if they were eaten ala carte, I'll wave them off as forgettable.

Kooks Creamery
The Cathay

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