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Jag Wine Bar @ East Coast Road

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There are just too many gastropubs in my hood and I decided to sneak in one for an early dinner with a toddler (totally expecting no baby chairs and they did!) so it turns out, families do bring their children to gastropubs too when the drink fix is so needed.

Beef Bites ($12)
Sirloin cubes, blue cheese sauce

Admittedly sold on blue cheese sauce which was watered down, dang! I ended up with not so tender beef cubes and a watery blue cheese sauce. No complaints but no raves either.


Smoked Duck Quesadilla ($10)

It's cheesy, there's smoked duck and toasted. Perfect pub grub.


Grilled Boneless Chicken Thigh ($18)
Potato of the day, vegetables

I'm not sure why but this reminded me of Aston's and heaps better! Juicy and comes with a slight char - so simple and they nailed it nicely.


Angus Beef Burger ($20)
Angus patty, melted cheese, tomato and sautéed onion in sesame seed bun and fries

Every time I order a burger, more than half the time it is because of the fries and this burger quota of the week was well worth the calories.

I'd return for a drink next time - or maybe the upcoming World Cup would fuel that.

Jag Wine Bar
384 East Coast Road

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