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Don Meijin @ Bugis+

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don1 Don Meijin's another option for tendon lovers - and I found out through random scrolling of instagram. Located within Ramen Champion, I love how freestyle this is - one can order from any stall and the options are plenty though still heavier on ramen.

Salted Egg Tendon ($16)

This looks almost like the plastic food sets when it arrived - it could be the glistening salted egg yolk sauce or the scattering of curry leaves. This is certainly for the food fad fan and particularly it was just sauce without any trace of salted egg grits but I am not complaining when it was so tasty. The portions of the ingredients are manageable as opposed to Kohaku's massive.

With 2 prawns, 1 fish, 1 chicken, crabstick, capsicum, longbeans, onsen egg and pumpkin, I was really full.

Other special edition flavours include sakura and chilli crab.

Original Tendon ($13.80)

If fancy flavours are not your thing, there is always the original to satisfy tendon cravings.

Mille Feuille Katsu Don ($12.80)

With such a unique name, this 14 layer thinly sliced pork loin is first coated with panko and deepfried. Humongous effort went into this and is definitely different from the thick katsu dons I am familiar with.

I would return to Don Meijin when I am nursing a tendon craving and queuing is not on my agenda.

Don Meijin
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