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Châteraisé @ Changi City Point

I've long heard of Châteraisé but somehow with the availability of so many other Japanese patisserie brands, I was not compelled. So then, in a single visit I had a go at their three best sellers.


The Legendary Strawberry Shortcake is ranked tops and I had my reservations when jam is used in between sponge and cream layers.


I could really just be too judgemental and those strawberries were sour - ack. Turns out the strawberry jam/spread was only on half the bottom layer. It was an odd distribution for this legend, and this turned out to be an ordinarily soggy sponge cake with whipped cream.


Ranked top 2, this mille crepe was more promising with those defined layers.


Granted it is a tedious piece of work and this was by no means the best millecrepe cake ever eaten but to clinch just the second spot definitely does not do this dessert any justice.


And with the third spot going to a chocolate cake, I thought why not try their equally famous cream puffs at just $1.90.


This definitely fared better than the cakes though I am not sure if I am a fan of the sweet whipped cream filling.

I am clearly not won over, it may have been the selections made and there is also jelly and icecream to attempt next...but another time? When I'm audacious enough.

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