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Tablescape Revisited @ Grand Park City Hall

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Second time back at Tablescape to escape the work day blues, pun intended. I finally got a decent snap of the dessert trolley and honestly it is only worth the while if one is partaking of the set menu to try the trolley.


The pretty rosette cake!


Our cute Korean waiter doing his bread introduction and creaming the churned butter.


Carb heaven.


As long as one orders from their ala carte, you get access to their bread trolley and from the last visit, I already knew which were my favourites yet the team so graciously allowed us one of everything.

table6 Crabmeat appetizer! Squid ink brioche topped with a sundried tomato and olive bread with salted butter made good of my calories.

Prosciutto Ham wrapped Monkfish and Maine Lobster ($42)
Risotto in Armagnac Bisque

The lobster definitely scored high for presentation marks, stacked above the prosciutto ham rolled monkfish. Creamy risotto, succulent lobster and an overly salty ham wrapped monkfish. I admit being a tad disappointed with the saltiness and felt it was a waste of monkfish.

Once again, I was torn between opting for the dessert trolley, or not..and this time, the price put me off. $12++ for a single choice off the trolley does sound a tad too pricey.

Grand Park City Hall
Level 3

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