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Sumo Bar Happy Revisited @ Middle Road

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Revisiting Sumo Bar Happy for dinner was definitely on the cards, I was so blown away by lunch - how could I not return for dinner? With the ultimate foodie companion in tow and the toddler too, I was impressed how the team managed to slot us trio into their already cramped as hell hole in wall eatery. Kudos, there.

Do give them some notice to get the baby chair.


Happy hour nigiri sushi at $5 for 2 if memory serves me right. Spicy salmon over spicy tuna for me, else they were mostly forgettable.


Grilled Baby Romaine ($10)
Sudachi vinaigrette, confit egg yolk, truffle soy dip


Burnt baby romaine got me questioning what surprises this dish could pull - and fair enough, the egg yolk and truffle soy dip was that eureka moment. Crunchy leaves meets a savoury splash and I get hit hard by a whiff of char. So yummy.

Yuzu Pepper Chicken Skip Chips ($10)
Nori wrapped, house blend of yuzu and pepper spice, served with sour cream, chives, shio konbu

Black chicken skin is a first for me and I don't even eat chicken skin to begin with. Transform it into a cracker wrapped in nori and I was done for. Calorie and cholesterol laden, I overdosed on chicken skin. 


Tempura Mazemen ($20)


Tiger prawn, snapper, onsen egg, shiso, onion, house made chilled yuzu noodles, blended soy dip


I love my tsukemens and belong to the community that prefers my noodles cold to hot, dry to soupy and that's how I actually end up liking mazemen more than ramen. Yuzu gave this an intense sour yet savoury finish to the noodles and they were super refreshing too.

Some serious eggporn happening here.

The tempura batter is unfortunately not my favourite, somewhat too thick infact.

Sumo Ramen ($23)
Braised beef tendon, sautéed sliced beef, slow roasted red wine boneless short rib, nagano pork


So twice charmed by their ramen, the third was a reorder of their signature. Smokey broth with a ton of goodies. This reminded me of Taiwanese beef noodles with the robust broth and generous serving of meats. Authentically Japanese or not, I am lovin' their ramen.


Freeflow eggs too!

I hope the folks at Sumo Bar Happy continue with their awesome work, hole in wall concepts with friendly service and on point food - really, what more can I ask for apart from more space? This is going straight into my regular food haunt list.

Sumo Bar Happy
261 Waterloo Street #01-24

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