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Restoran Pekin @ Sutera

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Restoran Pekin got me sold on their suckling pig and I in turn convinced enough people to visit and the menu we decided on looked completely like wedding meal caliber.
Garlic Wine Clams (RM 45)

Huge and plump clams fried in garlic, next to white wine clams, these are top of my list. Slurping a clam plump with gravy is as shiok as it can get - literally slurpworthy.

Whole Suckling Pig (RM 199)

Since we were all sold on this, naturally I would have high expectations of it and fair enough - the first bite of grease, fats and crispiness was satisfying. Except that lingering sweet belachan that could have caused the disappointment to seep in like a tidal wave. All would have been perfect if not for that sweet finish.

Foie Gras Fried Rice (RM 20)

Technically speaking this was more foie gras paste and scallop fried rice yet so tasty! The price is offputting though, even with the exchange rate in our favour.
DSC_2268 Cereal Fried Prawns (RM 68)

I love my cereal prawns doused in cereal and this was overflowing cereal, literally. Fresh water prawns and tasty cereal that makes this and salted egg yolk prawns a tough decision.

Spinach (RM 15)

Crabmeat Bean Curd (RM 25)

A very comforting choice actually, amidst all the greasy choices we made.


We also had fried mee sua that was equally tasty - and that's the charm of dining in Chinese restaurants in JB. Rice is absolutely not required!

It seems a popular choice for weddings too and I'd say for banquet food, it is really decent. I'd love to be back to try the other dishes!

Restoran Pekin Sutera
No. 1 Jln Sutera Tanjung 8/4
Sutera Utama Biz Centre
Taman Sutera Utama 81300 Skudai Johor

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