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Meat Smith Little India @ Campbell Lane

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Meat Smith Little India finally found its way into our weekend meal plans and I cannot be more thankful I remembered them. This other outlet located in one of the most happening districts around is so different from their other outlet at Amoy Street.

From afar, I heard the booming music and then I get greeted by an outlet dressed in loud colours. Not jarring but a place I would notice because of the colour combination.


Seating arrangements spill over to the pathways overlooking the ever busy Campbell Lane, those without reservations are usually given wall counter seats.


The rustic décor with lots of wood and bare edges makes it so welcoming and charming at the same time.


Spot them saddle chairs that the other Meat Smith outlet also sports.


Chalkboard specials on the wall!


Happy hour is always the right hour when the company is right, music vibes are strong and...we sense a good meal in the making.


Duck Hearts with Dry Dhal ($7)

Black Wattle's duck hearts were memorable until I was told it may be removed so imagine my joy when I found this on their menu! Tender hearts with a dash of dry dhal for more texture, fragrance and together with the yogurt dip - I crashed straight into an oral orgasm.


BBQ Corn and Curryleaf Za'Atar ($8)

I had high hopes for corn but these reminded me of the Bali street snack - charred and spiced but after the stunning duck hearts, this was really ordinarily good.


Madras Pork Cheeks ($8)

Sold on pork cheeks, my brushes with it has been mostly Thai dishes and they tend to be sinewy, chewy and comes charred.


These were so fatty, melt in the mouth and best of all deep fried till crispy, I was eating lard but so blissfully relishing every bite. And did you know gherkins with pork cheeks go so well together, it is the yummiest other way to have gherkins apart from in my burger.


Bone In Short Ribs ($75)

Think dry rub chilli ribs with a toothsome slaw.


My pretty slab of ribs that was a miss somewhat for me, it could have been the uneven marinate that caused some parts to be tastier than the others. That said, the slaw was amazing. I should have ordered that as a side than the corn.


Briyani Stuffed Suckling Pig ($48) made the meal so worth it and threw all my diet plans out of the window. Such is a travesty having suckling pig on the same meal as biryani, but both were legit courses. Briyani gets my vote for favourite rice dish after fried rice and theirs was perfumed with herbs, raisins and a touch of saffron. Whereas the suckling pig itself was the best ever eaten, that greasy, crunchy, Jell-O and meaty bits that made this so darn good.

I've had good suckling pigs and briyanis but never together. We have plans for a whole suckling pig - but when, is always the big fat question.


Smoked Cashew Butter Chocolates ($3)

By this point, I almost regretted ordering dessert and was so  happy it was down to these two morsels. Sea salt, cashew butter and chocolate does make a perfect recipe for that must needed savoury sweet finale.

I loved every bit of my meal and am totally raring to return. There's a lot more character and charm in this outlet - the waitress did a little victory dance when I mentioned that - and to many more of these diet busting meals, adios!

Meat Smith Little India
33 Campbell Lane

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