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Group Therapy Revisited @ Katong V

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I could've lost count how long I've been patronizing Group Therapy and with the opening of their outlets, I have cut down those frenzied visits. Or maybe it's just age catching up and my idea of brunch is no longer just about pancakes and eggs.

Breakfast Pancakes ($18.50)

Portions have whittled down a fair bit but I guess this is more than enough for me, the previous portions used to land me in involuntary food coma.

Hashbrown Salmon ($14)

Cheese Burger ($19)

I remember my first encounter with their burgers was at the now defunct Relational Goods and Weilin and my mom had a serious conversation over burger patties. Yet it is almost creepy how this many years later sees me enjoying their bugers, still. Juicy, belly happy food.

Chicken Schnitzel ($17)

It was soaked in tomato sauce and barely as crispy as I'd love for it to be but (and here's a but), it was crazy delicious. I usually don't even practice such patience towards soggy dishes but this one? No words, I take the soggy skin and all.

Their menu has clearly undergone several changes and the dishes that used to keep me going back are no longer but one thing's for sure: I have gone a long way with Group Therapy and they still delight me the way they use to. Yummy good food.

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