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Gastrosmiths @ i12 Mall

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Gastrosmiths have relocated to i12 and paying them a visit at their new premises sure brought back memories of their humble beginnings at Katong Shopping Center. I kinda grew up with them...


Cauliflower Arrabiata ($7)

Burnt cauliflower topped with cheese shavings and a tomato based sauce made this a really delectable appetizer. I love my greens and usually cauliflower is not my top choice for greens but the kitchen definitely did this vegetable decent justice.


Angus Cheese Burger ($14)


Single patty sandwiched between two sesame buns and a side of pickles, this is my single patty angus cheese burger. I like the simplicity of it without the frills of too much sauce or fuss of side salads. Who said fries is a must anyway? Juicy charred patty and lots of love later, this needs another order in my revisit. 


Fried Hiroshima Oysters ($9.50)

Oysters and caviar go straight into my order list and the batter was unfortunately too thick.


Fried Oyakodon ($9.50)

Chicken karaage on rice with furikake and pickles is a crowd pleaser. 


Fisherman's Mee Sua ($19)


I opted for the spicy option and wish they had it more spicy - robust broth with crabmeat, mussels, prawn too! Mee sua's a favourite and the best part of this, it does not soak up all the broth and end up as soggy as the other dishes are.

If there's just one dish to order, make it this Fisherman's Mee Sua.

Bread is no longer the focus at Gastrosmiths and it is a pity because they used to do such awesome possome freshly baked bread. That said, the team is super talented and I cannot wait to uncover more gems on their menu!

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