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Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House Revisited @ Sentosa Quayside Isle

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I am sucha chronic diner and I confess I have a bad habit of visiting a restaurant just to try all the dishes if possible.

Char Siew ($32)

Roast Pork ($16)

The original planned menu did not include these two but on the suggestion of the waitress and the fact that these need pre-reservations, I was sold.

Glistening plates of pleasure, both were so outstanding and fattening, I swear my week's calories went into a single meal. The char, the melt in the mouth fatty layer and marinate. For once I decided to wing it and whack both. Belly happy and so satisfied.

Salt Baked Herbal Spring Chicken with Chinese Wine and Herbs ($22)

Chicken drumstick at best, this herbal number was a tad mild for liking. The least favourite dish to date.

Sizzling Garlic Butter King Prawns in Hot Stone ($34)

Crunchy curled up prawns awaited me in this sizzling hot pot of mushrooms and capsicums. Theatrics aside, this was really the epitome of a wok hei laden dish.

Poached Chinese Spinach with Superior Stock and Duo Eggs ($24)

My must order every time there are no stir fried greens on the menu. So far this dish has not disappointed me across all the restaurants I've been to.

Claypot Beancurd with Shiitake Mushrooms and Bamboo Skin ($22)

Beancurd and bamboo skin actually makes such a delicious dish, I could just eat this with rice. Piping hot and something about this screams home.

Braised XO "Mee Pok" and Jumbo King Prawns ($34)

I'm not sure if Mee Pok or Jumbo King Prawns got me sold. The mee pok itself was by no means your ordinary mee pok tah, except this came with a lethal hae bi hiam toss up that left a mouthwatering lingering spiciness. Those jumbo king prawns sure looked like lobsters but they were a tad overcooked and it is a huge pity given how the meepok was already so stunning!

Chilled Durian Shaved Ice and D24 Durian Puree ($14)

Kiasuism got the better of me having missed this twice - I had to have it and the wait most certainly paid off. Durian shaved ice that had the right consistency, not too fine nor icy and the durian puree definitely made things stinkier and more indulgent. Worth the order and great for sharing!

Crispy Fried Lotus and Redbean Pancake ($9)

This flaky, crispy pan fried red bean pancake is another must try. I like that it is not overly sweet, has a lovely density to it and damn, more stomach space would have been ideal.

Three times over and still charmed, I am clearly a fan and will be back soon enough!

Blue Lotus Restaurant
#01-13 Quayside Isle

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