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BKP and AA convenience foods!

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Mention CP Food and their famous instant frozen shrimp wantons come to mind and they have diversified to also include ready meals and also dessert beverages!


Under the brand BKP, there are two refreshing flavours -


BKP Snow Mushroom with White Fungus and BKP Snow Mushroom with White Fungus and Longan Collagen, both can be passed off as thirst quenchers or after meal sweets.


Armed with a Healthier Choice logo, these nutritious beverages contain lesser sugar and that is a major plus point for me. These drinks have a jelly texture with the amount of white fungus used and just the perfect drink this hot summer.

Exclusively available at Fairprice supermarkets, SPC petrol stations and also online at

Also under CP Food is AA, 


AA Glass Noodles Pad Thai with Tofu ($4.50)


Superbly legit dish with al dente glass noodles and a decent amount of greens and tofu cubes even. I love the spiciness of this, mouthwatering dish that would trump some of the restaurant sold ones even. 


AA Fish Patty

These would definitely rival Mcdee's filet-o-fish, we baked ours and viola, so yummy! So uncannily similar right to the crunchy batter. I should've replicated the burger with a douse of tartar sauce.

AA Tom Yum Fried Rice with Shrimps ($4.50)

Does this even look like your typical lazy day stay home meal?

3 servings of prawns in a $4.50 instant meal - such generosity makes me question the prices that we are paying outside. And of course the argument goes into rental and electricity and...I say both the fried rice and glass noodles are super legit main courses. I love the price point and how yummy these dishes are! Certainly feels like Mrs Doubtfire pulling off a meal effortlessly.

Note that not all products are available at all retail outlets but online. Are you tempted to make these fuss free meals yours? I am super tempted to hoard these for lazy days!

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