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The Butcher's Kitchen Express @ Suntec City

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~Invited Session~

The Butcher's Kitchen has earned themselves a name in the beef bowl arena and one of their crowd pleasers is their flaming bowls - all thanks to a dash of cognac brandy that sets the bowl on fire, no puns intended.

What makes The Butcher's Kitchen stand out is their pride in their sustainable suppliers (think "Eat well, live well"), they are carefully sourced and that contributes to the green effort to ensure our supply chain is sustainable.


Newly launched in March are these two new flaming bowls to add to their stable of flaming bowls.

DSC_0853 DSC_0860 DSC_0861 DSC_0867

Flaming Organic Beef Bowl ($13.90)


Using beef from New Zealand, the beef used sports a darker hue and richer flavor profile.


Flaming Japanese Wagyu Beef Bowl ($23.90)

Whether wagyu or not, the flavor profile is similar. Unfortunately for me, both the organic and Japanese wagyu was similar and I'd recommend heading for the organic bowl if you are just craving a beef bowl.

I like how the beef  in the beef bowls are sliced thin enough for satisfaction and the rice is flavoured! I have had one too many white rice bowls of thick sinewy beef with more tendon than meat.


Non Flaming Beef Bowls are also available at $11.90. For those who are not fans of beef, fret not, there is also salmon and pork options on the menu.


Also available are their fish and pork bowls. I love a good variety and their pocket friendly prices.


I'm impressed this was actually really good and on days I am not feeling beef, this would be a great alternative.


Pork is also on the menu with pork shavings and a piquant dressing.


I must give the pork karaage a mention - fried pork slices and mayo with cabbage all for $5! So much win.

Also featured that night was its sister restaurant, The Butcher's Kitchen's The Butcher's Signature Wagyu Burger Dog ($18.80) and Thousand Guiness Ribeye Steak ($38.80).


Both are hearty options though a tad salty.


Waffles served with 2 scoops gelato ($12.80)

There are 30 gelato flavours to pick from and we had a go at their cookies and cream as well as chocolate. Freshly made waffles are my weakness and even more so when it comes with honey and chocolate sauce!

Make The Butcher's Kitchen and Express your dining option today - there's something for everyone!

The Butcher's Kitchen Express
Suntec City, Tower 2

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