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Tendon Kohaku 天丼琥珀 Revisited @ Suntec City

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Kohaku always comes to mind when I am nursing a tendon craving but...the queues put me off. To think of the three times I've attempted Kohaku at two locations, I had to take leave twice. Queues are not as hardcore as they used to be and it took us under 15 minutes to get a table and orders logged in.


Complimentary yuzu pickles to munch on as my order gets prepped. One of my major pet peeves is...having lunch when I'm so hungry and the more I munch on these appetizers, the hungrier I get.


Finally, my bowls are ready and I'm ready to tuck in!


But first, the camera eats. The newest addition on the menu, this seafood bowl ($23.90) is such a delicious representative of #foodporn, ikura roe cascading down seaweed batter coated seafood pieces and visually, this got me sold.

Oyster, scallop, prawns, king crab meat, mushrooms and more filled this bowl of heaven. The seaweed batter was absolutely fragrant and before long, I reached the brim of food coma.


Move over crab sticks, this king crab stick was such a treat!


Suddenly, their spicy tendon was less outstanding though still good. One can never get enough of their spicy sticky sauce and I love how the ingredients still remains crispy till the end.


Hunger definitely got the better of me when I ordered but this proved to be worth the calories. Pint portioned udon!


Springy, slurp worthy and oiishii.

Until my next planned leave, Kohaku please wait for me!

Tendon Kohaku 天丼琥珀
Suntec Tower 1

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