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Tablescape @ Grand Park City Hall

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Grand Park City Hall is undergoing such a massive makeover, I actually overlooked Tablescape is located within the hotel itself! Thankful for the lunch date before they actually did a menu change mid March, I was looking forward to enjoy a number of their crowd favourites.


Here comes the bread trolley that never fails to get the fickle diners even more finicky and I love the varieties!


Upclose of carb heaven.


Olive brioche, served in a pot like ramekin made it look like an icecream scoop. Pillowy soft and light, the olives were not obvious in taste though.


I had one too many plates of bread, there was no particular favourite for me - all of them tasted equally good.


My lunch companion, a regular at Tablescape had the kitchen bake these olive loaves for us. There, the best of the trolley if you ask me. That deep saltiness and sourness lingered with every bite.


Not to mention the seasalt butter that accompanied my bread basket.


Complimentary amuse bouche of a duck rillette in a too cute to ignore pink cone basket.


Salmon Gravlax with Vegetable Shavings, Lemon Myrtle Oil, Cream Cheese Icecream

Light and appetizing, the cream cheese icecream was the highlight for me.


Pan Roasted Foie Gras on Braised Turnip, Lotus Root Chips

Foie gras is my weakest link and I thought this rich start following bread was on the heavy side. On hindsight, I should have gone for salmon gravlax considering how equally heavy short ribs would taste.


Norwegian Fjord Trout with Warm Red Wine, Pickled Cabbage and Dill Citrus Salsa

Slightly fishy and a tad overcooked, this was a letdown for me unfortunately. Trout that tasted closer to salmon actually.


Smoked Braised Black Angus Short Rib on Horseradish Potato Puree

I wish I saved more space to enjoy this rich course, the marrow was soaking in oil but so delish, smoked braised short rib hit all the notes of indulgence and then there was potato puree. I literally rolled out of the restaurant.

I was looking forward most to their dessert trolley and time was not on my side with that little time left, I had to give it a miss.

I guess that warrants another visit just for the dessert trolley? It comes at $12++ off the ala carte menu.

$32++ 2 courses, $42++ for 3 courses

Grand Park City Hall

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