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Restaurant Lerouy @ Stanley Street

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DSC_0486 I found myself at the door steps of the restaurant with the hottest lunch tables in town - it seems a full deposit is required to secure seats in their sold out lunch sessions and even for dinner, deposits apply in the face of cancellations.

Helmed by the renowned Chef Christophe Lerouy, this industrial chic 26 counter-seat restaurant serves modern French Cuisine.Restaurant Lerouy was opened in collaboration with Chef Willin Low of WildRocket and Chef Gwen Lim of Patisserie G.Chef Lerouy’s classical French foundation incorporated modernist leanings at Amador Restaurant and Cellar at the Park Rotana Abu Dhabi, as well as at Alma by Juan Amador. It was at Alma where his culinary excellence and direction as the restaurant’s Chef de Cuisine was awarded the one star accolade in the 2016 Singapore Michelin Guide.

Two menus for both lunch and dinner and it's left entirely to Chef Lerouy's creativity,


Birthday girl gets a birthday drink, on the Husband. 


Sour dough bread with both original and beetroot butter got us all to a great start.

Original and beetroot butter.


There is something particularly so addictive about warm crusty bread and I cannot believe we inhaled through two loaves of this. No wonder I was stuffed to my eye lids even before the meal ended. Why won't I ever learn? To say no to carbs?


Squid ink crackers so incredibly light, these were guiltless carbs for sure and whatever the dollop bore, was a real tasty treat to start the meal!


More tasty morsels ensue with this puffed cracker and baby shrimps.


Upclose of the delicious shrimps.


The server spoke too fast throughout the meal and without a proper menu on hand, I can only guess what went into the dishes.

Crabmeat, green apples, sorbet and some herbed oil made this less green than expected. Crabmeat always brings a smile and this briney one gave good contrast with the sour-sweet apples.


Oyster and jamon makes the clock tick. My belly was singing praises of it I'd say, of this brilliant concoction.


King Prawns with rice crackers in quite an ensemble - loved the crunchy prawns and the rest just went down forgettable.


This vegetarian course was a miss for me, I get the broiled cabbage and those puffed bits but I reached a point of seeing the same elements over and over again.


I liked the sea grapes in this but the whole green get up was once again a disappointment visually. Fresh fish and that was just it.


Chicken with a sauce reminiscent of peanut sauce and preserved prunes, doesn't this scream satay beehoon sauce already? Perhaps pork would have been more appropriate for this combination.


Coconut and pineapple in various desserts, I liked the dehydrated parts and how light the meal ended.


Petit fours with a memorable chocolate brittle.


Us and the celebrated Chef Lerouy, lunch tables are almost impossible to book and dinners are easier. I'm hoping this hype would give away to more creativity and talented creations from Chef. Until, next time!

Restaurant Lerouy
3 Stanley Street

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