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Panko revisited @ Arab Street

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With my obsession with Panko, it is a matter of time before I returned again - and with more company!


Chicken Karaage  ($16)

These chicken nuggets are best eaten with a dash of lemon juice - nothing quite beats piping hot chicken tenders. Truly fried food at its best.


 Chicken Cha Siew Ramen ($24)

As much as I should trust my instincts about ramen, I usually cave into temptations and this was one of those. A kushikatsu place also dabbling in ramen - clearly it is not their topseller and is offered just to complete the repertoire of offerings.


Negitoro Ikura Don ($18)

This petite bowl was high on aesthetics and taste, and probably the lowest in portions. One of those that I order for variety than getting full on.


Assorted Seasonal Kushikatsu Moriawase ($23)
(Prawn/Sawara/Nagaimo/Brussel Sprout/Stuffed Chicken Wing/Unagi Gobo)

I have definitely repeated myself to death on their must tries, spot on delicious regardless what I pick. From vegetables, seafood and meat, there is something so addictive about their skewers that keeps getting me going back time and again. And as much of a satay fan I am, I have not eaten the same number of satays as I have of kushikatsus.


Grilled Miso Cod ($28)


Salmon Butter with Tartar sauce ($25)

Both fish courses were outstanding in their own ways, cod because of how well it is seared and it was simply cod and radish and salmon with butter tasted as good as it smelt.


Chicken Filet Shiso Cheese Katsu  ($24)

Their poultry dishes were so good, I ordered this again. Chicken katsu is my weakness, paired with cheese...resistance is futile.


Spicy Double Salmon Roll Sushi ($22)

This would be better described as an aburi salmon roll, spice was missing out for me and I still stand by the verdict they do better non-sushi dishes.

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