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New Lotus Thai @ 145 Jalan Besar

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Thai food has a soft spot in my stomach and armed with a curious palette, I am ever game to check out Thai food joint as long as it is authentic (which is always a gamble). New Lotus Thai at Jalan Besar strikes a outstanding pose along the stretch by being the only Thai food joint amidst the chaos.

At 530pm we were definitely the day's earliest diners and I am not complaining but that still meant we paid our dues waiting for our food.


Chicken Wings ($9.80)

So fingerlicking crispy good, I scored myself a sorethroat wolfing three of these down piping hot. Better than prawn paste chicken especially with a skin so yummy. Can't you take your eyes off that beautifully carved carrot rose? Top marks for effort mesays.


Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice ($8.80)

To be fair, I really was not pining my hopes high on Tomyum fried rice - like kimchi fried rice, it usually becomes kimchi stirred in with rice and fried. Lo and behold, I was given a ticket into their wonderland of beautiful flavours. Mouthwatering spicy with just the right savoury punches and those prawns were so fresh!

All for $8.80, before I scream so cheap, this is such great value too!


Green Curry Chicken ($9.80)

Thick and fragrant green curry studded with enough green brinjals, I was stuffed from this dish alone. I'm not sure about the rest but this was lemak enough and I do prefer my green curry with more brinjals than they usually give!


Stir Fried Baby Kailan ($8.80) is my must eat for any Thai meal, perhaps my Bangkok travels have taught me well - after all the spicy dishes, vegetables become the most comforting course and the best choice is to have it non spicy.


Steamed Seabass with Lemon ($28) turned out so tasty, we scraped it clean to the bone. Lemon and chilli padi was a marriage meant to be, somewhat tangy, spicy, savoury and aroi mak mak.


Mango Sticky Rice ($5.80)

I just had to because it was Thai food, nothing fabulous though.

Whew, what a treat at New Lotus Thai. I love it when I stumbled upon a gem and this was one of those realizations.

New Lotus Thai Restaurant
145 Jalan Besar

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