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Nasi Lemak Curry Puff @ Old Chang Kee

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When Old Chang Kee launched the Nasi Lemak Curry Puff, I was sold. Not just because it's another curry but nasi lemak got me all excited. The burgers caused such a huge stir amongst the food fad followers and I was sorely disappointed.

Until Wolf Burgers revived the concept and gave it a fiery breath of life was I convinced, Nasi Lemak in other forms would work.


Some speculated it's pandan infused, I just thought the green was plain food colouring.


Tadah. $3.50 for 2 got me a plump curry puff stuffed with sambal belachan, chicken, nuts, ikan bilis and half a glorious egg. I have to say the sambal belachan is legit, the sweet and savoury finish is perfect and sometimes even the banana leaf nasi lemaks are not anywhere close to being on point for the chilli itself.

The nuts and ikan bilis are a test of your luck, I only got these in my second purchase. That said, I am super loving this new creation and wish they'd make this a perma flavor!

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