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Modesto's @ The Elizabeth Hotel

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For one, I never knew there was a hotel called The Elizabeth, much less that it is next to Quincy Hotel nor behind York Hotel. It was a trek up the hill and a journey into the wilderness of Orchard for me.

Meet Modesto', a buffet restaurant by day and for the rest of the day transforms into a casual Italian eatery. 


Calamari ($20) is typically a must order for gatherings and while I am not huge on the batter, I still found myself nibbling through the whole plate.


Cesare Salad ($16)


 Caprese Salad ($24)

I'm glad we picked these two salad options, the non salad lovers were scrapping their plates for more. Infact, their caprese salad is one of the better ones around, at least I did not feel shortchanged ordering that.


Gamberetti Firtti ($17)

These skinny spring rolls were stuffed with shrimps and funnily, I found a supermart selling these in their frozen food section. No complaints, deep fried finger food always tastes good. 


Seafood Soup ($18) is a must order every time I am at Modesto's, and it is one of my personal favourites on top of their pizzas or even pastas. Spiked with wine, this has chockfuls of ingredients to pass off as a mains even! 


Salami Di Manzo ($28) is one of the many pizza varieties that is worth an order. Thin crust, topped with enough cheese and salami slices, perfect with ice cold beer!


Spaghetti Mare E Monti ($30)
Fresh prawns, shiitake mushrooms, chilli, garlic, EVOO 

The dual between pasta and pizza continues, portions are huge and flavours on point. I usually have a tough time proportioning my calories between these two carb dishes.

The Elizabeth Hotel

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