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Fuwa Fuwa Roll @ Dairyandcream

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Since Dairyandcream started selling her bakes I have been very keen to try - and as with most planet aligning occasions - this was one of those. I managed to nab one of her highly sought after bake slots for a go at her famous fuwa fuwa rolls.

These Japanese rolls are similar to our swiss rolls only way fluffier and the cream filling is always the turning point.


Oh hi, you're beary cute. You know?


So then these are by no means light rolls in terms of weight. Somehow 6 of these in the box bore some weight and deceptively I would never have correlated its weight to how light it tastes. The sponge is so daintily airy fairy, it would have been akin to eating foam and that cream - a combination of Chantilly and vanilla custard was the reason why it is a hot seller.

A friend says it is magical and I cannot agree more.

These cute rolls also come in matcha flavor and those are even cuter than these Rilakkuma inspired ones!

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