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Elements Hotel @ KL

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My bad for not writing about our enjoyable staycay last December. We flew into KL for Christmas and with a toddler in tow, I had my eyes set on a serviced apartment accommodation - the space and kitchenette is ideal too.

Elements it was for being almost brand new and the reviews online about their 2 bedroom apartments were so sparkling, it was almost unbelievable how positive everyone's experience was.


I wish I have a full snap of the kitchenette, dining area and living room but yes, that idea was canned when the toddler ran in, started scooting through the rooms and...mayhem.


The spacious kitchenette, laundry area behind that closed door and entrance!


The master bedroom with such an inviting bed! The second bedroom was slightly smaller but three single beds fit really nicely inside so this apartment sleeps 5 really comfortably without anyone being master of the living room.


Marble tiled bathroom with some #bathroomgoals right there. Couple sinks, both a shower head and a bath tub and potentially I can go on forever.


The said rambunctious toddler who was so  busy scooting through the rooms - I guess he must've enjoyed the apartment really much.


We found time to go visit the pool not to waddle but well, chill. It's almost like an infinity pool. What wowed me was the daily complimentary yoga sessions available at the studio


TRACE is their only dining establishment within the hotel and while I wished we tried it out, there are simply too many dining options around the hotel. I even nabbed cakes from Intercontinental KL opposite!


The all day intercontinental buffet restaurant that was way over booked on Christmas Eve!

Elements Hotel
Kuala Lumpur

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