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Dragon Bowl @ Marina Square

~Invited Session~


I've not actually checked out Marina Square fully after their revamp and there are quite a number of restaurants hidden in these snug corners! Dragon Bowl being one of them, they now have a total of 3 outlets.


Every outlet has a different vibe to it and at Marina Square, this outlet has private dining rooms and a bigger capacity to boot.


Dragon Bowl unveils 7 new dimsum dishes and an exclusive Peking Duck set!


Steamed Crystal Prawn Roll ($4.80)

I should have known better when it mentioned "prawn roll", the skin like cheong fun was a tad too thick and it was not sealed so the ingredients fell out. That said, not my choice dimsum.


Steamed Laksa "Cheong Fun" with Shrimp ($6.80)

I'd have given this top marks for creativity and this was more of shrimp cheong fan in laksa gravy. This was missing out on some curry leaves and belachan otherwise, worth an order to check out the hype!



Steamed Xiao Long Bao with Scallop ($5.80)

The tip to taking on a xlb is to first poke a hole on the top, sip the gravy then slurp the rest down. I have clearly burnt my lips one time too many and these scallop Xiao long baos were juicy enough for seconds.


Steamed Shark's Fins Dumpling with Shrimp ($6.80)

Spot the shark's fin topping on the dumpling which was similar to wanton.

Deep Fried Golden Prawn Ball ($5.80)


Deep Fried Honey Chicken Spring Roll ($4.80)

The general consensus is the filling was similar to a siew bao, except now it was rolled into a crispy deep fried spring roll.

Steamed Abalone Siew Mai ($7.80)

All eyes on that baby abalone that made this abalone dimsum extra tasty.


Roasted Peking Duck Done 4 ways ($98)

This Dragon Bowl signature is now served four ways and one can expect a gastronomical duck affair. DSC_1853 DSC_1855 DSC_1856 DSC_1857 DSC_1860 Chef comes along to deskin the roasted duck, wraps it for us and then serves it with cucumber and sweet sauce. I felt the wrap was a tad thick but there was no stopping me polishing off those greasy and crispy duck skins!


Diced Duck Meat with Special Sauce wrapped with Lettuce

This cold dish definitely had me at hello - the "special sauce" was infact sesame sauce and the refreshing crunch from the lettuce leaves made this a must try for appetisers!


Double Boiled Salted Vegetable Duck Soup

No Chinese meal is complete without soup, particularly for us Cantonese. Appetite whetting and this can be passed off as a meal with the duck meat and bones even!


Braised Duck E Fu Noodle

I gotta hand it to the Chef for cooking up a storm with the braised duck meat - springy, saucy and so al dente, bravo! The amount of duck meat in this was so generous, for the first time I felt the meat noodle ratio was right.

Duck Meat Fried Rice

There is a choice of rice or noodles as the carbohydrate option and I highly recommend the noodle over the fried rice. Wok hei was oddly missing though the noodle was so outstanding.

From 5 March to 30 April 2018, Dragon Bowl is offering a 30% dimsum promotion is on for both their Marina Square and Aperia Mall outlets.


Don't forget to check out their guava appetizer, we had so many refills of this refreshing one!
Dragon Bowl
Marina Square
6 Raffles Blvd, 03-129A

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