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CNY 2018: Chao San Cuisine @ Philip Street

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Mention Teochew cuisine and chances are a Teochew foodie will be able to point you in the direction of Chao San Cuisine. Nobody quite knows when or how they started, but the restaurant was packed! Perhaps CNY but for sure the older generation knows this is a gem.


Teochew Yusheng

My first and it was an eyeopener with the amount of greens there were and particularly coriander which is usually used more as a topping than a main ingredient. Instead of preserved fruit, we had starfruit, no crackers nor raw fish, instead I had plenty of shredded greens, a homemade special sauce and jelly fish.

Refreshing would be my verdict on this and this checked all boxes on healthy for the already sinful new year menu.


Fish Maw Soup

The divers would be glad to know fish maw soup is their best seller, over shark's fin (for cost or humanity reasons we did not order) but I am not complaining. This had so many pieces of fish maw dunked in, it could've just been fish maw and nothing else in this starchy delight.


Prawn Rolls or hae Zhou take on a different recipe at Chao San's. These are more like deep fried meatballs. Deep fried anything and served piping hot gets me on the bandwagon.


Stirfried asparagus and scallops


Braised Chicken

The equivalent of lor bak but with chicken instead of pork. I found this ordinary though having pork belly and chicken in the same dish is a treat!


Chye Poh Kuay Teow

Oily could be its middle name with the over generous lashings of oil into the dish. Yet amongst the other versions I have attempted, the gross amount of oil is consistent and this is how


Orh Luak Omelette is a must try and this is possibly the best around with lard toppings and that crispy fried egg nesting so many juicy oysters! Best hawker fare at a restaurant.


I wish I had more space for their Orh Nee, it's rich, thick and so indulgent. My pet peeve about eating yam paste is when the restaurant stinges on the yam or gingko nuts or loads it with too much sugar.

Chao San definitely surprised me and I left with my curiosity piqued about teochew cuisine yet again, onto more foodie adventures!

Chao San Cuisine
#01-01  Grand Building
17 Philip Street

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