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Beauty In The Pot Revisited

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~Invited Session~

We were back too soon for another hot pot session at the pink themed Beauty In A Pot outlet.


Too much pink to handle? Till you dine at their private rooms that comes with individual hotpots, that could be an overload of pink!


Dreamy in pink floral arrangements all over the restaurant sure sets the mood for love, all year round. Birthday celebrations are huge at Beauty in a Pot, I just wonder if proposals will be a hit too?


Spot their promotion for late night supper kakis.



Four broths for the hungry people and I leave you with the must orders every single visit.


Our shrimp paste with fish roe order comes with a server who does the cooking too.


After cooking and ready to eat!


Another must order is their signature fish tofu.



Pork and beef are a must order and these usually go straight into the mala broth. Somehow of the broth selection, meat goes best with spice for me.

DSC_2007 DSC_2013

Bi-colour sweet corn was the highlight of the non-meat selection. Sweet crunchy kernels made me a happy nibbler.


Fried fish skin in broth is actually way more addictive than beancurd skin!


Fresh prawns on ice, these were crunchy, sweet and so tasty!


Lemon slush to ease the overeating. So yummy!

I definitely ate more than I should, the food was way more than enough for 7 of us and burp. Even after this many visits I have not tried every single thing they have on the menu.

From 12 March to 30 April 2018,  they have a limited time promotion for their tweaked Tomato broth recipe - twin pots are at $11.80. The all new tomato broth has sweet corn too and is bound to please even the fussiest of tastebuds.

Beauty In The Pot
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