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Anglo Indian Cafe and Restaurant @ Chijmes

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I nearly missed out on Anglo Indian Café if not for my deliberate attempt to hunt it down. Location wise, it is disadvantaged since it is alongside the more happening boys - think El Mero Mero for Spanish and even Lei Garden nearby.


Tandoor Non Vegetarian Platter ($36)

This smelt amazing and on hindsight we should have just concentrated on their tandoor items. Loved the char and how tasty this was. I do not usually enjoy lamb kebabs very much, this was a game changer, strangely.


Salmon Tikka ($24)

Juicy, charred and nobody's complaining when it does not reek of the sea.


Butter Chicken ($20)

I have had one too many butter chickens and this was really mediocre, there was too much tomato paste here.


Madras Prawn Curry ($24)

These briney prawns spoke  a different story, thankfully! Delicious creamy curry that went particularly well with the naans.


Bombay Potatoes ($12) were just well, potatoes and cumin seeds. So much for curiosity killing the cat.


Lahori Chole ($14)


Dhaba Daal ($14)

Clearly, I overdosed on these curries and ended up having so many moments of same same but different moments. I love my lentils and chickpeas but this was too much.


Mutton Briyani ($24)

Chicken Briyani ($22)

I am a carb fan and in any Indian meal, I must have my naans and biryani fix. These were yummy enough for us to scrape the bottom of the plates for more but that dum was too pasty and tasteless.


Garlic Naan ($4.50)

Cheese Naan ($5.50)
Chilli Cheese Naan ($6.50)

I was sorely disappointed with Chilli Cheese, literally cheese with chilli flakes baked into a naan.

Mediocre Indian fare at Anglo Indian's, I would return for their $10 lunch deals but probably not at dinner.

Anglo Indian Café and Bar
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