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Wolfburgers Revisited @ Changi City Point

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~Invited Session~


Whether tasting or not, Wolf Burgers has a soft spot and even after those tastings I have travelled to Changi City Point just for those satisfying burgers. It is with much regret that they had to close the shutters on Carvers and Co but I suppose with all good times, an end has to come and the management had probably chose a decision that was more viable for the business as a whole.

So I digressed.

This visit was all about their new range and for a limited time only if I may add.


It is all about the basics this time, less on price and more on value. Their basics range starts from $6.90.


Coyote Burger ($6.90)
Ground beef, cheddar

No frills and straight up a simple cheese burger that scores on satisfaction. The truth about Wolf Burgers is, they know their burgers well and beef burgers are the core of their business - juicy patties, lovely char and regardless of size they do them just so well.


Crunchy Fried Chicken ($6.90)
Chicken thigh, sweet Japanese curry, shredded cabbage

The chicken didn't fare too far off from the beef, on point deep fried chicken thigh and the medley of ingredients that brings a chicken katsu burger to live. I usually do not waver from my first choice beef burgers but here we do have a serious contender.


Nasi Lemak Burger ($7.90)
Fried fish fillet, sambal chilli, raw onions, cucumber, fried egg

Alas, Wolf Burgers has responded to the nation's call for a betterer-sedapter-cheaperer (grammar is used wrongly on purpose) nasi lemak burger since Mcdees took the nation by storm.


No words but this is IT. The burger to eat if nasi lemak has to be created as a burger flavor. The dual between chicken and fish is never ending and for nasi lemak, ikan kunning goes way better than fried chicken.

So here's a version, deboned and lathered with a diggidy bomb of sambal chilli and wham, best nasi lemak interpretation ever.

I licked my fingers clean - and seconds please.


Umami Bomb ($11.90)

The magic lies in their secret umami seasoning, I find comfort in beef burgers and umami promised the utmost comfort with the upsize in portions and satisfaction.

Coyote is probably for Mondays and Umami Bomb Humpdays when I do need that extra to get over the fact the week isn't quite over.


They've ditched their dessert range and now offer a range of craft beers instead! Sounds like a perfect date night or boys' night out over burgers and beer already!

I hate to say these burgers are new on the menu and won't be there for long - all good things don't last right?

Depending on the Chef's mood and fancy, you may just find new flavours starring at you in the face before the season is over.

Wolf Burgers
Changi City Point

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