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Tandoor Revisited @ Holiday Inn Orchard Centre

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My family's tradition over CNY includes dining at Indian restaurants - we get quality food, good service and best of all, the tranquility of the restaurant instead of the hustle and bustle of Chinese restaurants that sometimes gets too much for us.


The peace and quiet over a public holiday no less, how rare!

Mulligatawny Soup ($15)

Since the first bowl, I am excited every single time I spy it on the menu. Visually this was the least like any of the other mulligatawny soups I've eaten and looks are deceiving, I almost waved this off as an over priced gruel. Behold the surprise when the broth was robust, rich and had rice grains in it.


Punjabi Samosa ($18)

These samosas are like curry puffs, I love that doughy exterior and the mouthwatering potato filling.


Ajwani Macci Tikka ($40)

Tikka cod fish is a first and I was definitely keen to see how the chefs could literally whip up a storm with a tricky ingredient like cod. The flesh was moist, coated with a thin layer of spice and then grilled to perfection. Here's why to perfection - I hardly eat fish with such a vengeance and typically shun from doryfish and have my opinions about salmon and would prefer barramundi and sea bass and perch even but this cod just got itself added to the preferred list.

Guess what? The table loved it so much too!

DSC_9952 DSC_9949
Dal Makhani ($25)

Dal is an Indian staple for me and particularly for any bean lover. This was a combination of  whole black lentil, red kidney beans, butter and cream and I love dunking my naan in this hearty stew.


Dum Murgh Briyani ($35)

Between chicken and lamb, for a dum biryani chicken has always been a first choice. Absolutely fragrant biryani, on its own it is already heavenly with the generous scatter of herbs, toss in chicken and a dollop of yogurt, I know all my calories consumed are not in vain.


Garlic Naan ($12)
Zaituni Naan ($14)

Hand tossed, hand pulled and freshly baked. I have a bread weakness and naans in particular receives no resistance from me. If there is a perfect naan, it has to be chewy, soft, fragrant and so addictive, I can finish the basket on its own.

Both the garlic and olive versions were equally outstanding.

Martaban Ka Meat ($32)

Their meat curries are as outstanding as the vegetarian ones and the thing is, even with the trio of curries, the meal was nary a boring one.

Expect no less of a rewarding meal at Tandoor, a gem within the North Indian restaurants and I am raring to be back. Sunday brunch is equally popular and usually sold out it seems.

Holiday Inn Orchard Centre

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