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Strong Flour Revisited @ Katong V

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Strong Flour had the mother at hello with their al dente handmade noodles, hence the frequent visits and I am really on my way to trying every item they have on the menu, assuming I do not keep ordering the favourites.

Ham and Cheese Panzerotti ($12)

A must order every visit and since I was introduced to it, we've never looked back. One incredible appetizer with sucha lovely crisp and the buttery layers that makes the ham and cheese actually seem like second fiddle.


Beef Ragu ($19)
Beef shin, red wine sauce

Hearty stuff here with shredded beef and a wholesome broth. The dish could do with some heat, but that is just me trying to turn this into a 紅燒牛肉麵 .


Limoncello Barramundi ($20)
Limoncello marinade, sour cream, chive potatoes, tomato puree

Pan seared barramundi and sour cream potatoes on a bed of spinach made me a happy chomper.


Carbonara ($17) has taken several tweaks and I hope this version stays - on point tasty without being too jelard not lacking in flavor. I'm a carbonara convert just because of Strong Flour, classic and just so delicious.


Sea Bass Fettucine combines two loves - pan seared sea bass and cream sauce fettucine. I may have gone overboard with my cream sauce mains and this was hinging on overload but the fish chunks were oh-so-fresh!


Truffle Pizza ($22) is possibly my second favourite flavor on their pizza menu. Truffle paste, truffle oil, freshly shaved truffles...I'm just a sucker for truffles and this was not overly perfumed with it and a refreshing change from the usual tomato or cream sauce based pizzas.

Once again, I can count on the team at Strong Flour for another hearty homecooked meal - you have no idea how leaving the dinner table feeling so satisfied sets the tone for the rest of the night.

Strong Flour
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