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Sitrling Steaks Revisited @ East Coast Road

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I could not resisit another visit to this affordable steakhouse in town - and the intent was to check out those $9.90 steaks. DSC_2641 Grilled watermelon and feta($5.90) is one of those appetizers that gets me very motivated to replicate at home because it ended up grilled and served with feta. I guess I forked out the money to be inspired and it was worth the while. DSC_2642 Between the $9.90 offer and their ribeyes, I actually caved into paying three times more and receiving satisfaction more times over. DSC_2646 Instead of fries I gave the hash a go, this could do with more butter. Steaks are still their forte and the second fiddles are a hit and miss. I would recommend a visit just for the steaks though. Stirling Steaks 43 East Coast Road

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