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Seafood Galore Night at Marriott Café

~Invited Session~

On Thursdays, Marriott Café transforms itself into a seafood heaven! If seafood is your thing, then this is the right place to get your fix!

Seafood on ice

Featuring an incredible array of seafood (I lost count after 60 different types, no kidding!), Marriot Café wants you to create your own smorgasbord of divine seafood at your own leisure.


Fresh mussels and snow crab

Did I mention I am a seafood lover? I was awestruck at the incredible selection and wasted no time diving into the fresh seafood here! It wasn’t long before the shells began to pile up at my table, but thankfully the service here was delightfully brisk and courteous, they took away my shells quickly so I gave myself more refills!


Grilled seafood

If raw and fresh seafood isn’t your thing, fret not! There is also a great selection of sumptuous grilled seafood that is grilled in small batches, ensuring that your seafood is as freshly cooked as possible. You can even ask the chefs there to cook you a new batch if you want yours piping hot! But it doesn’t hurt to smile and maybe wear something cute. =)


Sambal stingray

Not only are there international-style dishes, there are also local favorites for seafood! This sambal stingray is delightfully smoky in flavors and left me craving for more.


Seafood with stir-fry greens

So to entice you to increase your fibre intake, they decided to throw in prawns and sotong in a vegetable stir fry. I don’t mind eating this dish every day!


Seafood paella, how can we miss that?

You can’t miss this dish, its sitting in a giant pan in the middle of the buffet line. You can see the chefs painstakingly build this dish from scratch, from grilling and baking the seafood to gently stirring the paella rice so that all the creamy goodness gets soaked up in it.


Personal pan of seafood paella

So they decided to serve it straight to us instead and boy was it good. It was slightly smoky in flavors and went really well with the cream that was splashed generously on the dish.

Seafood marinara pasta

And how can we forget seafood pasta? Taking a big mouthful of pasta, the sweet briny seafood flavors coupled with the tangy tomato base made me think of a Tuscan sunset. So delicious.

My own seafood platter

Create your own seafood platter with sweet crustaceans and plump, creamy oysters on display!  I just had an itch to go back to the fresh seafood and there I was, downing yet another oyster. Mmm. So good.


Chefs at work

The Seafood Galore Night happens at Marriot Café only on Thursdays and imo is a great buffet in Singapore. I definitely enjoyed everything there and what’s more, you also get free flow of sparkling wine, red and white wine, beer, juices and soft drinks along with the buffet! What a steal!

Seafood Galore Dinner Buffet Thursday
Adult: $108++*** per person
Child: $44++ per person

Marriott Café
Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza

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