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Pezzo launches Teriyaki Salmon and brings back Durian King!

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~Invited Session~


The kind folks at Pezzo sent over a couple of pizzas and we were in for a treat! Unveiling their first pizza creation of 2018!


Teriyaki Salmon is a sweet savoury creation on a handcrafted pink dough topped with tender salmon chunks, cheese, teriyaki sauce and creamy mayonnaise!

On top of the very pretty pink hues, this creation is really tasty. Truth be told, my usual orders at any pizza joint are pepperoni and Hawaiian if curiosity does not get the better of me and I head straight for their specials.

Limited for a short period, this creation is served as a full 14" pan ($29.90) or sold in 3 slices or individually at $5.90 each. New sides this year include tempura chicken fries with nacho cheese that taste uncannily like luncheon meat and crispy garlic bread!


And they also reprised Durian King pizza this year! Made with a charcoal pizza dough and topped with a mix of 100% pure durian flesh of Mao Shan Wang and D24, this is the island's cheapest durian dessert I'd say!


Available in limited quantities, these go at $32.90 for a 14" pan, $16.90 for 3 slices or $5.90 a slice. Grab them whilst they last - durians aren't available the whole year long anyway!


Have you decided which to try? How about both!

Available at all Pezzo outlets.

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