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Maru Dine Bar @ Icon Village

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~Invited Session~


Maru is a new kid on the CNY block, having just opened three months ago replacing Sakae Sushi's location at Icon Village.


By day they are a lunch crowd favourite with hearty rice bowls and Japanese fusion dishes, by night they transform into a swanky bar complete with wholesome main courses and offer an extensive range of drinks.

For this year's festive season, they have plenty to offer and here's the chowdown of what we had.


Prosperity Yu Sheng has to be the cutest thing ever - bow wow cute? I spy a corgi in my yusheng and its cuteness has a equally tantalizing taste profile to match. I love how the balance is spot on, and just the kind of Chinese salad I would trade my popiahs and regular salads for. Pricing is competitive too, $28++ for 2-3pax and $38++ for 4-5pax.


Salmon rose, anyone?




White Tuna Tataki ($32)
Nori wasabi, orange ponzu jelly, pomegranate, basil, shio kosho

I have had my fair share of tuna tataki and white tuna is a game changer, so tender I could just trade my regular tuna for this. Pomegranate, orange jelly and basil turned out to be so tasty, the condiments were magical on their own.


Mentaiko Baked Mushroom ($14)
Mentaiko potato, lotus root chips

Plenty to love in this earthy dish, mentaiko, lotus chips and mushrooms. Great pub grub with a swig or two during their happiest hour. I can totally see why.


Kale Salad ($15)
Maru dressing

Whatever lurks in the maru dressing is ingenious, piquant and so addictive! I am a kale fan but few kale dishes get my vote for seconds. I could have this everyday of the rest of the year truly.


Iberico Pork Jowl ($28)
Tofu Puree, Vietnamese infused sauce


Pork jowl is my weakness, the same way tuna belly is for sashimi. So incredibly tender and melt in the mouth, I swear I'd never be able to tell tofu went into the sauce even!


Savoury, slightly spicy and sooooo melt worthy. This, amongst the rest is a definite must order.


Galician Octopus ($25)
Spanish paprika, mentaiko potato

I approach octopus dishes with some apprehension generally, and to date, only the Spanish, Portugese and Japanese restaurants have done them some justice. Chewing is barely needed and mentaiko potato was music to the tongue, the same way the octopus was so slurpworthy. Delicious.


Sashimi Hiyashi Somen ($32)
Hokkaido scallop, botan ebi, uni, aburi salmon, caviar, bonito shoyu broth, chilled somen

Inspired by chilled angel hair pasta served at Italian or Japanese Italian restaurants, Maru's version is studded with all the delicious seafood - semi raw and raw.  I cannot stop thinking about it, tasty down to the last drop and everything tasted so good! I was sold on botan ebi, sweet, crunchy and boy, I love the way raw prawns taste.


The battle is tough, picking one to love and now, I say the stakes are high against the hot pastas, this cold version is here for a serious chase.


Stir Fry Cube Beef Don ($25)
Glazed with garlic red wine sauce, shimeiji mushroom, crispy garlic, asatsuki, onsen egg, fried rice

Teppanyaki garlic fried rice gone upscale with beef cubes. This was so hearty, I'd say this offers huge bang for the buck and packs a satisfying burp too.


Choose from a selection of drinks for the happiest night out, beer, whiskey, soft name it, they probably have it!

I could've unknowingly fallen in love with this new joint - if only, I still worked nearby, this would be my new found best friend. On point dishes, no fancy scmancy fad dishes here - only wholesome, earnest and very humble fusion fare. How oxymoronic but this is one to look out for.

CNY Yusheng runs to 2 March and I hear Valentine's is already full. Boo.

Maru Dine Bar
Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street #01-05 - 11

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