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CNY 2018: Twentysevenbyrachel cookies

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I cannot imagine celebrating CNY without my favourite baker's goodies. Hae Bee Hiam and Cashew Cookies were up for ordering and given how hard it is to get hold of Rachel's cookies, I had to get both!


I saved them for the first day of Chinese new year, else I'd risk finishing them even before it's even CNY.


Cashew cookies are a first for me, sandy in texture and perfumed by the nutty fragrance of cashew. These were so delicate and brittle, I risked crushing them even enroute home, much less placing them on the plate! Yet above all the trouble, these are soooo addictive.

Hae Bee Hiam needs no further introduction, my second order and these were made thicker than the last. The lingering spiciness is absolutely unforgettable, I love how Rachel knows there's a community who adores spicy hae bee hiam with a vengeance and this festive special crumbles into such a satisfying mouthful, I risked a horrible sore throat for this and have no regrets.

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