CNY 2018: Tamarind Hill @ Labrador Park

~Invited Session~


Labrador Park is a part of Singapore that has fallen under my radar, regardless from an exercise or heritage walk angle...until I was invited for a dinner in the woods. Quite literally. Turns out the Sadana Group also dabbles in hotels and believe it or not, there is a hotel nested in the wilderness.


If going by foot is not your preferred choice, bicycles seem to be a popular choice too.


Tamarind Hill is all decked in lanterns, readying for CNY.


It does resemble the stairway to a mansion, doesn't it? Gotta love a frontage like that! #housegoals


Their living room which doubles up as a bar.


This candle stand got me all artsy fartsy.


I have a playful thought - how long does it really take for this candle to finish burning though?


Let's venture into the rest of the dining spaces - plenty of pillars and no private rooms so I guess this just makes for cosy dinners.


Lotsa zen corners.


Lemongrass drinks welcomed us before we embarked on our journey into one of Singapore's best hidden secrets - Tamarind Hill is actually a thai restaurant and if you're craving for authentic thai food do let the chefs know and they promise to whip up a feast befitting for a Thai palette.


Yusheng for the night - it is common these days for non Chinese restaurants to venture into yushengs.


While the focus should really be on the yusheng, mine was on the huge mirror. And those are serious #mirrorgoals. 


Anyway back to their yusheng meant for 10 or more easily, theirs comes with a generous portion of salmon sashimi, shredded taro, sweet potato and tamarind sauce. The eyepopping colours are a winner already and I like how julienned vegetables are not mostly comprised of pickled ones. Those simply signal too much MSG and tend to be too sweet.


Lychee and Lemongrass Smash ($22)
Vodka, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, lychee, fresh lime

On top of Thai food, they also have a selection of cocktails and drinks for diners to pick from. I had a go at this thai inspired cocktail, refreshing and my caveat it I do have a weakness for lychee and lemongrass.


Steamed Sago Pork Dumpling reminds me a lot of a har gao, except the skin was thicker and the stuffing was sweeter.


Fish Roe marinated in Red Curry got my vote on the appetizer platter.


A chunk of fish roe and red curry, so satisfying having it 100% fish roe and no fillers.


Barramundi and Ginger Soup

Hearty, wholesome and the fresh barramundi was truly outstanding. Ginger fish soup sounds almost like confinement food yet I relished every drop of this must order.


Longevity Noodles
Stir-fried thai style egg noodles with assorted vegetables

I added a dash of chilli padi and soy sauce to this to heat things up a fair bit, aroi mak mak.

Five Spice Braised Pork Knuckle
Shiitake mushrooms, kailan and seaweed

And it turns out braising is also a part of Thai food and reminds me of lor bak.


Tiger Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce

Super fresh prawns and salted egg yolk sauce got me smirking - the hottest snacks this CNY still goes to salted egg fish skins and many homes are painted red with tubs of these.

And I digressed and this rendition albeit sweet was saved by the tiger prawn.

DSC_8553 DSC_8555

Glutinous Rice Balls stuffed with Sesame was a colourful take on tangyuan and a thicker than normal glutinous rice skin.


Who can say no to this auspicious dessert? 团团缘缘!


Honeydew Sago with Vanilla Icecream for the less traditional diners, I thought the dessert platter was different from the usual festive ones and definitely a good change from the red bean soups and nian gaos.


Uniquely thai is their durian cake, baked like a custard cake and served with a topping of fried shallots. Acquired and I am a fan of this fragrant, pungent and actually really addictive dessert.

Tamarind Hill
30 Labrador Hill Park