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CNY 2018: Szechuan Court @ Fairmont Singapore

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My first official lohei with the pals was over a random dinner at Szechuan Court. There are just too many Chinese restaurants for selection these days and with 3 toddlers in tow, I guess our choices are limited to mostly hotels (given the need for comfy surroundings and enough space for them to wander and create that much noise).

Salmon Yusheng ($58)

I was a tad disappointed and this is probably attributed to the number of doggie yushengs. This came looking like one and tasted like one - including the part about being too sweet. The novelty of this then was that they serve it with long chopsticks.

Roasted Duck ($45)

It was a tussle between Beijing Roast Duck and the usual Roasted Duck and thankfully the server some pretty good suggestions, this included. Crispy skinned chunks of goodness, my main grouse was, why wasn't there a whole duck option.

Chung Qing Chicken ($30)

Saliva chicken and there is no better place to have this dish than a Szechuan restaurant. Mouthwatering, tasty and I would just give up chicken nuggets for these crispy delights. More peppercorns would have been a storm on a plate so perhaps food for thought for the chef?

Sweet Sour Pork ($34)

The quintessential Chinese dinner staple, nothing to fault and well, we polished the dish clean.

Asparagus ($36)

Seafood Beancurd ($34)

DSC_8862 Twice Cooked Pork ($48)

I have had 回鍋肉 dishes that made me go wow, this was hardly anywhere near that. Ordinarily twice cooked pork belly and leeks.

Szechuan Court
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