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CNY 2018: Going nuts over Soicoco

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~Invited Session~


Second year in a row, I get the privilege to get first dibs on Soicoco's range of coconut puddings. Awesome possome. Last year was all about the coconut puddings and what's next? For one, you have to be nuts about them nuts to love what Soicoco has to offer.


2018 welcomes Mango Sago Pudding and they offer a mixed pudding bundle for fans who'd like to try both!

Mixed Pudding Bundle ($18.80)

It comes with either 4 of the same flavor: coconut pudding or mango sago, or there is an option of having 2 of both flavours.

I am a fan of their refreshing puddings, it's almost as good as drinking the juice directly from the coconut itself, except it is served in Jell-O.


I'd recommend adding a drizzle of gula Melaka powder to sweeten things further.


Mango sago however is an inspiration from my favourite liquid dessert - 杨枝甘露.

Their other packages include...

Coconut Soft Serve (650ml) + 100% Gula Melaka (120g) ($19.80)

Coconut Shake Bundle ($15.80)

五褔臨門 (5 Blessings) Package ($88.80)
  • 1 x Coconut Pudding Bundle (4 Original Coconut Puddings)
  • 1 x Mixed Pudding Bundle (2 Mango Sago Coconut Puddings , 2 Original Coconut Puddings)
  • 1 x Mango Sago Bundle (4 Mango Sago Coconut Puddings) 
  • 1 x Coconut Shakes Bundle (500ml, SET of 2) 
  • 1 x Coconut Soft Serve (650ml with 120g of 100% Organic Gula Melaka)

  • This promotion cannot come in more timely, time for some healthier treats amidst all the artery clogging goodies that will be an overload by the end of first day.

    CNY SPECIAL(Valid till : 15 Feb 2018)

    International Plaza, #01-16 , 10 Anson Road 
    Singapore 079903 
    11am to 8pm 
    Nearest MRT : Tanjong Pagar 

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    3. Perhaps re-read your own post again.. "For one, you have to be nuts about them nuts to even love what Soicoco has to offer" and consider whether your personal attacks were necessary

      1. Thank you for pointing that out, have edited that statement accordingly.

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