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CNY 2018: April's Bakery goes I-Bing!

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April's Bakery is no stranger to our local scene, more like finally I managed to get a taste of these famous pies.


This Thai brand is the brainchild of these hongkong style pastries with stuffings that gets their fans going back time and again. Their bestsellers include yam and black sesame and have now expanded to include savoury flavours too.


Their savoury pies are distinguished by a different shape altogether.


These flaky delights make for a real tasty treat!


I had a go at Honey Chicken Pie, Curry Chicken, Yam Pie, Thai Milk Tea, Pumpkin Pie and Egg Custard and I agree with the unanimously favourite flavours of yam and pumpkin pie!


I love the pie-filling ratio, 90% filling and 10% pie, it's so substantial these treats can easily pass off as a meal even for those with smaller appetites.


Also available at their popup in Bugis Junction and their stores islandwide is their range of I-Bing treats. I-Bing is the all new icecream fad, fruity icecream in the shape of fruits.

See how thoughtful their packaging is, helps if you are not rushing home immediately.


These are individually packed and sealed.


Are you ready and are you steady for the coolest treats this season?


Durian is a must try, very creamy, pungent and worth all the calories if you love durian and hate getting your fingers stinking up.


Mango is also a hot favourite, tangy, refreshing and just like the fruit itself!


Coconut is perhaps closest to being the king of thai fruits, next to durians. I like how this isn't overly artificial or doused in coconut milk, refreshing!

Prices start at $4.95 to $5.50 for these I-Bing Pops and new flavours are added every week - think mangosteen and banana!

April's Bakery and I Bing
Chinatown Point #B1-35
One Raffles Place #B1-38
Bugis Junction Pop Up

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