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Black Wattle @ Amoy Street

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The husband definitely had a hard time trying to surprise me for our wedding anniversary dinner, he let slip on a single clue - it's been around for awhile and we both want to try it. CHEY.

How helpful and he chimed, it's a new restaurant.

The thing about pulling surprises and being married to the surprise popper, it hardly gets any more surprising than the meal itself.

Both of us are fans of Unlisted Collection (I've probably said this till the cows are home) and it has always been a pleasure checking his latest acquisitions out and show some love to these budding chefs.


Bread almost always gets me in a good mood, these babies were so good, I had double portions.


Grilled duck hearts, burnt onion mustard, smoked salt ($14)

For one, I get squeamish over innards. I do not think this was my first time tasting heart but it's a love hate sometimes. I am curious but grossed out eating heart.

And this dish main me eat my heart's out. Pun intended and it was strangely so tasty. Chewy, meaty and well...blindfolded I would never have guess this was heart.


Papardelle, fermented mushroom butter, buckwheat, black truffle ($34)

Handmade pasta had a nice bite to it, except for those who do not like their pasta al dente, this would be rendered uncooked. Loved the fermented mushroom butter, buckwheat and black truffle as a whole.


Steamed hispi cabbage, red miso, shimeji, buckwheat and parsley ($26)

At this point I already thought the shimeiji was getting a tad overload. Woe is us not reading the description properly, unfortunately no magic here..just steamed cabbage with mushrooms.


Pan seared monk fish, burnt carrot, shimeiji mushroom, tamari brown butter sauce ($46)

I do not love my fish and few fishes get me all excited. Monkfish however changes the game for me, succulent to the point of having a satisfying bite to it.


Kobe beef skirt, celariac puree, burnt carrot, tamari brown butter sauce ($58)

I was sold on kobe beef but it was not quite what I expected. More sinewy, less tender though the marbling is amazing.


Coconut sorbet, apples, verjus, ginger flower ($18)

Nuts over coconut, Black Wattle's version has a twist to it. It's sweet with a hint of savoury at the end which was a major surprise for me. Ginger though mild gave it an edge too, I love how Asian flavours are so part of Chef's menu.


Barley icecream, rhubarb, native Australian berries, toasted milk powder ($18)

Highly recommended as their signature, after the coconut sorbet I thought this was too mild in taste profile though the toasted milk powder was memorable.


Their wine repertoire was a tad limited. I was offered an orange rose which was "sweet" by the definition of the sommelier but just not up my alley.

Hits and misses in this seasonal menu, the menus change according to Chef's whim and it's a case of catching it whilst it lasts.

Happy four years baby, it feels like eight and that's really because we celebrate too much and time flies when you're having fun yea?

Black Wattle
97 Amoy Street

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