Sunday Brunch @ Audace, Dickson Road

DSC_6973 It's probably just me and sunday brunch - save for festive occasions, this hardly comes my way. With a brand new year, I guess I could reprioritize and have more leisurely brunches?

Sunday brunch at Audace is truly an audacious affair, they do it omakase with 16 courses straight off the cuff of Chef's mind - well not entirely since there is a communal dining menu but basically we eat as he fancies, with inspirations from his childhood and experiences


Betcha didn't know what lurked within - Sunday brunch menus!


The hubba always feels for bubbly over the weekend whilst I have my other preferences.


Chendol Daiquiri ($20) was hollering at me, a very ingenious concoction of coconut, rum and sweet jellies!


Brunch situations be like.


Pumpkin Soup, Coriander

Served warm, this sunflower seed studded daffodil hued beauty was tasty, very hearty and I was ready for seconds after this measly looking shot.


Duck Terrine and Pickles

Somewhat nutty but nobody's complaining when it's duck terrine with really good bread.


Smoked Mackerel, Pickled Onion

It was good, just not great. Strange though that the smokeyness did not come through and I probably would not be able to guess the protein if not for the menu.


Focaccia with Cooked Ham and Mascarpone Black Pepper

I liked that burst of flavor underneath the ham, the peppery and slightly tangy mascarpone. 


Arugula Salad, Parmesan, Lemon and Olive Oil Dressing

One can never go wrong with argula and parmesan, a simple toss up that I can replicate in my kitchen.


Kohlrabi Salad and Buckwheat

Too raw even though I am a salad fan, the kohlrabi tasted like radish and overall too green.


Freshly baked bread and butter.


Capelin, Garlic, Parsley

I like shisamo in this, somehow these baby fishes taste  heaps better with garlic.


Creamy Polenta did not go down too well with me, I guess it is just polenta in general. Mash would've done the same job and more satisfyingly too.


Pan Seared Squid and Risotto got my thumbs up. Creamy, rich and this tiny bowl possibly knocked over all my diet plans. The pan seared squid curls up so beautifully and adds such a tender texture to this bowl of goodness.


Braised Pork Belly


Chicken Breast, Chorizo


Pan Seared Flank Beef served with Dry Anchovy

Chicken ended up being the best of the medley of mains - tender, juicy and on point with the flavor balance. No foul play, suspected.


These petit fours were clearly a spoil market version with so many nibbles! The almond chocolate chip cookies and lemon cream tartelette and candied berce were your usual dessert table fillers, delicious and not too impressionable.


Macaroon Speculoos was a crumbly affair and created quite a sugar rush - one has to love your sweets to enjoy this.


Chocolate and Passionfruit Cake is a tart and intense choice but it balances so well, I would recommend eating the cake together instead of by layers.


Banana Parsley Icecream is acquired, the banana paste was too sweet and parsley icecream too grassy.

$69++ and 16 courses later, I dare say this is one brunch I will be returning for inspite of the misses. Menus get tweaked every now and then and seasonal produce gets featured too!

2 Dickson Road