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Poke Doke @ Milennia Walk

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01 There are one too many poke bowls around and I guess it has reached a stage of same same but slightly different across board. I have my preferences but I am more than happy to welcome a new player in the market.


Turns out on top of poke bowls, they also offered cooked food bowls - that reads as expensive chap cai png already.

3 sizes are available and differ only in number of scoops of poke.




My record stands at four visits in a week, I think I am hooked. Between spicy and wasabi salmon, my heart goes on with spicy. There is just something about it that is well on point - hits all the right notes without being over the top. The flavours are well explored and infact regardless the combination, they come together in harmony.

Tuna however, is not their forte.

Gone poke-ing, be back soon!

P.S. I have no qualms tossing to these individual pots of yusheng this CNY, so tasty and none of the artificially coloured vegetables nor overly sweet dressings.

Poke Doke
Millenia Walk

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