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CNY 2018: Park Hotel Clarke Quay

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~Invited Session~


Park Hotel Clarke Quay has a CNY special for customers - how does dining in a banquet hall with food prepared by their banquet team sound? It sounds almost like a wedding dinner only way more small scale and more privacy than in a hotel plus, cheaper than booking a private room. So much win!


Ultimate Success Premium Abalone Yu Sheng


Stacked like a pagoda, this yusheng is different on several levels - the usage of lyceum leaf fritters that gave it an overall crunchy texture, the baby abalones were braised and given a touch of gold each and the shape!


I love how this was well balanced (arguably the best to date), not to sweet even though honey was used generously and it was more than just julienned vegetables and raw fish.


Superior Braised Shark's Fin with Crabmeat and Homemade Stuffed Crab


The homemade stuffed crab claws certainly grabbed our attention along with crabmeat and shark's fin soup.


Steamed Red Garoupa with Fresh Asparagus Roll in Superior Light Soy Sauce

Chef thoughtfully deboned and had the fish proportioned, this saves the server heaps of time massacreing the fish as most banquet servers would. Best eaten with chilli padi for that added oomph.


Golden Crispy Chicken with Fresh Button Mushroom in Cream Sauce

The cream sauce was a first for a crispy chicken dish, infact, it was a cross between mushroom soup and just a savoury cream sauce. I liked it but that made the crispy chicken slightly soggy.


Stir Fried King Topshell with Chinese Greens

Most would have thought this is abalone with eyes closed, its chewy with a bite and rich in flavor after all the braising in abalone sauce. Best imitation of abalone methinks though I do have issues with my vegetables without leaves.

Tiger Prawn Toast with Tomato Salsa

Kudos to the chef for giving prawn toast and salsa a breath of new life. I thought it was just too brilliant pairing them together - the textures are amazing, crunchy, crispy, soft and even chewy.


Fragrant Fried Rice with Crabmeat, Egg White and Crunchy Root Vegetables in Vermicelli Basket

With all the strong flavoured dishes presented, I was actually glad this was bland and comforting. Missing out on some wok hei here but it was a delicious end to the meal.


Mango Peach Jelly

Canned peach with a mango jelly core, oddly I polished this clean though I am not a canned fruit person.

Park Hotel Clarke Quay's worth a consideration this festive season, prices are kept friendly (word has it that tables start from $600 for a table of 10) and the food is delicious!

Park Hotel Clarke Quay

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