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CNY 2018: Golden Peony @ Conrad

~Invited Session~

Chinese New Year at the Golden Peony at Conrad Singapore is a feast for the eyes and stomach. Expect top quality ingredients presented in inventive manners that at the same time does not deviate from its Cantonese traditions.

Executive Chinese Chef Ku Keung is trained in Cantonese cooking, but has been living in Shanghai for quite some time. It is quite obvious that he has brought in some Shanghainese influence into his food!


Fortune 3-D Meringue Yu Sheng with New Bedford Scallop, Salmon, Crispy White Bait, and Fish Skin

Golden Peony is also known for its over-the-top Yu Sheng food masterpieces, and this year is no different. Other than being a feast for the eyes, they certainly do not stinge on the ingredients!

The picture itself can hardly do justice to the massive size of this Yu Sheng! The customary Chinese incantations and blessings English version as well!

I was quite tickled by the literal translations!

Everyone was waiting to toss the mixed ingredients! Let’s do it! HUAT ah!

Managed to snatch some blessings for my own I love the golden flakes on the scallops. It feels as if I would be much luckier after eating them! 1

Double-boiled Cordyceps Flower Soup with New-Calendonia Obsiblue Prawn and Black Chicken in Whole Young Coconut

I always loved Cantonese soups, and this is super innovative. Mod-Cantonese? Is there such a word? There is the traditional double-boiled element, and new ingredients cooked the traditional way (the New Calendonia Obsiblue Prawn is a deep-sea prawn that line-harvested and is blue in colour! Obviously it will turn orange when cooked).

There is also a modern use of the coconut to round off the brininess of the broth, making this an interesting combination. Not savory, nor sweet.

Black chicken!

My favorite type 5 Stir-fried Half Lobster topped with Crispy X.O Chili Sauce Why only half! I wish I could lick my plate after this dish. This could have been easily presented in a more ‘Western’ restaurant and it won’t have looked out of place.

Cantonese stir fry paired with mash potatoes and a deliciously piquant X.O. chili sauce. Delish!

7 Fortune Eight Treasure Stewed Duck

To be honest, I had no idea what was inside this when the chefs started wheeling these ‘things’ in and lighted them up. Then they started using scissors to cut them up and out comes: file2-2 Ta-dah! Stewed duck! file4-2 I had thought this was done like a beggar’s chicken, which could be a little dry and tough since it was duck, but this was expertly stewed and the meat practically fell off the bone.

Very tasty and would have been excellent with white rice. I know right, I’m downright Cantonese at heart.

file5-2 Braised Australian Abalone in Japanese Beancurd Black Moss, Chinese Mushroom, and Seasonal Vegetable

Out of all the dishes presented today, this was the most ordinary dish. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad dish, just wasn’t as exciting as a flaming duck or a 3D Yu Sheng.

Still, we have to eat our greens every meal, isn’t it?


Roast Whole Suckling Pig with Shanghainese Sticky Rice, Fritters, and Chicken Floss

OH YAS. I was looking forward to this dish the most when I saw the menu. Golden Peony is also known for its suckling pig + rice combination dish, and Chef Ku has chosen to pair it with Shanghainese Sticky Rice this year!

Look at the beautiful crackling on this dish. Suckling pig, wrapping a slab of purple sticky rice, and fried dough fritters with fried pork floss. If you think this dish is overly porky, think again. Very fragrant, and very filling!

14 Crispy Jujube pastry with Japanese Sweet Potato Puree with Pearls, and Fried Nian Gao with Sweet Potato and Taro

This, is without a doubt, and strangely, the highlight of the night. The fluffiness and flakiness of the jujube pastry was absolutely on point, almost melting in your mouth the moment it hits your tongue.

The sweetness of the pastry was just right, and not overpowering. The fried nian gao is also a must at all traditional Chinese New Year dinners and Chef Ku has presented this in a very innovative way that marries all the sweet flavors just right.

Golden Peony
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