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CNY 2018: Dragon Bowl @ Aperia Mall

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~Invited Session~

Dragon Bowl prides itself as Singapore's answer to Bi Feng Tang cuisine, known to be stronger in taste, heavy use of bean paste and uniquely Cantonese. They have 3 outlets and each has a different focus, Aperia Mall's more on their zichar dishes.
CNY menu for dining in and takeaway alert!

Dragon Bowl Fortune Package Takeaway Festive Goodies


Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng with Fish Roe ($38.80, Regular $56.80 for Large)

Don't these baby abalones resemble gold ingots? I'd say these are something different from the usual raw fish yushengs that have gotten several twists with more luxe ingredients to the likes of tuna, swordfish, lobster and caviar. I am waiting for a sea urchin version.


Prosperity Fortune Treasure Pot ($238, $398)

Their version is more traditional with it being a braised pot of treasures.


Herbal Kampong Chicken with Cordyceps ($33.80)

Tender one pot dish and herbal always appeals


Yuan Yang Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf with Waxed Meat and Sakura Shrimp ($26.80)

Sakura shrimp sure made this dish so tasty and not to mention, colourful!

From 1 February - 2 March 2018, Dragon Bowl will be offerin set menus for 4-10 diners. Prices start from $388++.

The Good Old Times Menu

From 3 - 31 January, these Dragon Bowl classics are available at the Aperia Mall outlet and they have brought back specially for their long time customers.


"Song Fish Head" with Special Homemade Sauce ($19.80)

This dish is a my family's favourite and the key to it is the special bean paste sauce that either floats or sinks a dish. Their version came with a smattering of fried pork lard cubes and that outshone any other dish on the table.


Wok Fried Coffee Flavoured Spare Ribs ($16.80)


Sticky, meaty and a waft of coffee fragrance.


Braised Claypot Eggplant with "Yu Xiang" Sauce ($14.80)

So tasty and suits anyone who loves eggplant. I would be happy just with this and rice actually.


Wok Fried Milky Egg with Four Treasure ($18.80)

Comforting egg white dish with splashes of seafood and a starchy sauce.


Braised Pork Belly with Yam ($16.80)

Similar to the braised marble goby except with more familiar flavours. I am a yam lover and this was right up my alley.


Baked Marble Goby with Garlic and Roast Pork ($48.80)



Wok Fried Three Cup Chicken ($16.80)

Gotta love them oyster mushrooms in this dish and basil leaves, the chicken was actually second fiddle.

So there, more reasons to visit Aperia Mall and also Dragon Bowl, there is something for everyone from January onwards!

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