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CNY 2018: Cherry Garden @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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~Invited Session~

With the Year of the Dog just about round the corner, tastings for CNY menus started back in December (yes omgee) and the first for me was Cherry Garden's showcase.


Double Boiled Spring Chicken Soup with Matsutatke, Snow Fungus, Dried Scallops

Chicken soup for the soul, a tum warming start for all the other rich dishes to ensue.

Spring Festive Yu Sheng
DSC_6605 DSC_6618

A mountain of happiness greeted us, without the fancy dog designs that the other hotels would be vying for most spectacular. Hidden dragons awaited us to the likes of lobster sashimi, this in itself was more than sufficient for the lack of design.

Every year I look forward to this Chinese salad, especially for those crackers! 片地黄金!

Steamed Dragon Spot Garoupa Fillet with Preserved Vegetables and Mushrooms

I figure preserved vegetables anything cannot go wrong and neither did this banquet dish. Top marks for fire control and flaky flesh.


Baked King Prawn with Yunnan Black Garlic and Egg White

Slightly under seasoned, perhaps the chef's intention was the keep the meal light in case the next meal that followed would be tummy busting.


Steamed Jasmine Rice with Cantonese Pork Sausage in Casserole

No CNY ever passes me by without a lotus leaf rice variant - here's a healthier steamed version with decadent slices of smoked duck, duck liver and pork sausages.


Organic Black Bean Pudding with Avocado and Sesame Ice-cream

Sold on avocado cream and sesame icecream, the black bean pudding however was nice finish to the otherwise heavy meal.

Festive menus start from $128 per guest.

Cherry Garden
Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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