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Chope Exclusive: 1-for-1 Set Dinner

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I love Panko and this is not a sponsored post. Just saying.

Chope ran a 1-for-1 set dinner and it is on till end of January. #dontsaybojio

At $58++ for two, I was more than sold. Fact is, I just needed another excuse to return for my favourite kushi katsu place.


Chef's appetizers


Premium stick salad served with homemade dipping sauce

Is it me or their vegetables are extra crunchy and sweet? I've never quite entertained the thought of eating my greens with miso but I could be that changed diner.


Wagyu Beef Kushikatsu

Shiitake with Chicken Truffle Miso Kushikatsu

Asapargus with Garlic Mayo Kushikatsu

Hokkaido Scallop with Sea Urchin Kushikatsu

Mochi Bacon with Mentai Mayo Kushikatsu

Their kushi katsus are the bomb, so beautifully breaded and crumbed. Its the cackle that reveals the most gorgeously grilled ingredient be it a succulently fat scallop, QQ torched mocha or juicy stalk of asparagus. One skewer is never enough.

Mini Kaisen Bara Chirashi Don

Mini is by no means a true representation of its size, it was at best 3 large spoonfuls worth. That said, it was a tasty mini bowl of raw fish rice.

Dessert of the day ended up being three thick pieces of warabi. Too stiff and sweet, I waved it goodbye prematurely.

While dessert is not necessarily Panko's forte, their skewers and mains are. I am planning a return but until then, do show them some support for this value for money menu!

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