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Basilico Basilissimo: When geography meets gastronomy, season by lattitude

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This quarter, Basilico at Regent launches a menu that's all about dishes and wines from Sicily, Sardinia and Clabira, located between the 36th to 40th parallels. On top of that, there famous cheese room has made its entrance into weekday dinners instead of just over Sunday brunch.



This seasonal cheese appetizer comes with every order of the cheese buffet - one cannot help but wish this cheese haven lasts forever.


Cold Cuts, Marinated Seafood and Vegetables, Seasonal Leaves and Cheese from the counter

Well, clearly I got the memo on the cheeses and dived in straight to their burratas. So fresh and creamy!


My staple includes arugula leaves, parmesan, truffle olive oil and a side of tomatoes and burrata.

Toasted Durum Wheat with Scallop, Tiger Prawns, Mussels and Red Mullet Roe

Fregola pasta done in the style of paella in a rich seafood stock and served with a medley of seafood and tasty red mullet roe.

Pan-seared Lemon crusted Tuna Loin with Salmoriglio, Fennel and Orange Salad, Candied Olives and Pantelleria Capers


Very Asian inspired, infact I thought this reminded me of sweet and sour sauce with pan seared tuna loin. The fennel and orange salad was refreshing and tuna loin succulent but it just did not go well with the sauce drizzle.


Slow-cooked Duck Breast with Braised Luppini Beans, Tropea Onions and Red Plum Stew

Sold on luppini beans which were nutty, earthy and savoury. This was more attention grabbing than the duck breast which could do with more seasoning and some char.

Nuts Tart
Chocolate Praline with Pistachio

Regent has been my to go for both dessert dining in or taking away and I'm thrilled that the same best sellers at Dolcetto are also available in the buffet line up at Basilico. Hardly are there desserts that are a clear rehash of unused ingredients or presented just so to take up space in the dessert corner and those presented were my favourites too.

Apricot gelato, pistachio praline and a very toothsome nut tart. My only and main grouse with every single buffet is not having enough stomach space to eat them all.


There are few things that tempt me at a dessert buffet but for Basilico, it becomes a situation of a child in a candy store. Everything looks like a must eat.




Cheese Room
Selection of 30 Italian Cheeses and Truffle Honey


This is the single highlight that I would return for. And doesn't it look like Christmas?


I love my cheese and would love a meal just on cheeses itself - for sure that already sounds like an overdose yet for any lover it is heaven on earth.


 There are clear favourites the moment I stepped into this pungent cellar of fermented milk, my heart stopped for gorgonzola and there was a whole section of it in such a variety of flavours. It was cheese porn in my face.


There are soft and hard cheeses to choose from.


Alcohol spiked ones and not.


Dubbed the "grandmother" of all cheeses, this Gorgonzola Dolce was rich, intense and so addictive.


Wines are never a bad thing in the books of cheese fans.


Utter cheese porn.


One of many plates though I must caution pacing is very important.


$58++ without alcohol
$98++ with freeflow Italian wine
$92++ inclusive of the antipasti buffet, choice of a main course and the dessert counter

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