Mandarin Oriental dazzles this christmas

Mention Christmas and my heart does a little twirl, hop and bursts into excitement on the feasts that are planned. On top of it being my favourite month of the year, the meals leading to it are usually so seasonal, blink and you'd miss it.


On top of their existing spread, Melt Café has a number of festive dishes available over their buffet spreads and I always wish I have more than sufficient stomach space to try every single dish!


Seafood on ice which got everyone excited and the only section that was wiped clean repeatedly was their fresh oysters.


I zoomed in on their Indian selection, an array of mouth watering curries and look out for their live naan station. Do indulge in a slice or two of their truffle cheese naan!


Not forgetting their international spread which features enough dishes to keep returning just to try all.


Everyone's favourite - the chili crab. We are missing some fried mantous here, eh?


On top of the festive spread, their dessert section is worth paying some attention too.


These beauty and the beast inspired desserts certainly caught my eye - a pity these were purely ornamental.


Clearly I was on a roll for all things floral that night, how about red velvet nutella cake topped with a sweet pink frosting.

DSC_2611 DSC_2615 DSC_2621 DSC_2622 DSC_2627

The said truffle cheese naan.

These Christmas specials will be making their rounds at Melt Cafe's festive spreads till end of the month so look out for them at the buffet!


Traditional Roasted Christmas Turkey ($180)
Apple and chestnut stuffing, truffle mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables, cranberry sauce, traditional giblet gravy

Christmas is not complete without Turkey and I headed straight for the wing - gotta love deboning the large wing and that crispy skin particularly!


Crackling Iberico Pork Loin ($180)

Dive in straight for the skin - so addictive and crunchy, keropok takes a second seat here. Paired with the tender roasted pork loin, this is one to look out for at the buffet and remember to save space for seconds! 



Honey-Glazed Bone-In Christmas Ham ($180)


Roasted Australian Grass-Fed Rib Eye ($180)

This is the reason why Christmas feasting goes on for days because there are tons of ways to consume roast beef apart from just on the wagon. Tender and that hue of pink! Juicy cut and they taste best with mustard and tomatoes on the vine.


Now we are talking serious festive business with a sweet spread like that.


Chocolate Yule Log (1kg, $70)
Gunaja chocolate cremeux, chocolate viennois sponge, chocolate sponge


Chocolate logcakes hardly go wrong and if presents don't already make you a hot favourite at any party, this chocolate yule log will. I love the layers of decadence and well - chocolate.


Christmas Symphony (1kg, $80)
Earl Grey opalys, chestnut genoa, blueberry marmalade


Coco Exotic ($70)Coconut sable Breton, coconut Pan de Genes, exotic custard cream, coconut kaffir lime mousse


Sengana Strawberry Noel (1kg, $80)
Ginger spice hazelnut moelleux, sengana strawberry compote, wild strawberry bahibea cremeux, manjari light  mousse


Matcha Yaki-Imo Christmas Tree ($70)
Matcha soufflé roll, matcha mascarpone anglaise, roasted sweet potato cream, sable Breton

These are bound to score brownie points at any party with its festive outlook. With their creamy innards, these are perfect with a cuppa!


Christmas fruit cakes (from $36.40) with dark rum, brandy and spices are a must have, somehow. It's almost as if Christmas is not complete without this alcoholic treat.


And cookies ($25.70), what are your favourites? Mine are cinnamon stars!


Christmas Bell ($16)
Pistachio raspberry tart, pistachio travel cake, griottines cherry

I guess gingerbread men have gotten too passé and Christmas creations have gotten so cute. Here's a Christmas bauble atop a pistachio raspberry tart. I love how on point this looks and by far the tastiest of the spread!


On a side note, the Christmas tree at Mandarin Oriental is one worth checking out - so glittery!


The following prices apply

Christmas Eve Lunch Buffet
SGD 108 per person including free flow of soft drinks and chilled juices SGD 168 per person including free flow of champagne, wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks and
chilled juices

Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet with BBQ Selection
SGD 175 per person (food only)
SGD 208 per person including free flow of champagne, wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks and
chilled juices

Christmas Day Brunch Buffet SGD 238 per person including free flow of champagne, wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks and chilled juices
Christmas Day Dinner Buffet with BBQ Selection

SGD 135 per person (food only) SGD 188 per person including free flow of champagne, wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks and
chilled juices