The Coconut Club @ Ann Siang Hill

The Coconut Club and their famed nasi lemak is the reason for the insane lunch crowds - you read right. No tables are served till everyone in line is present and in a single lunch period of 2 hours, tables are turned at least 3 times. And you get the drift how obsessed we are with nasi lemak, more so served in a cushier environment as compared to the heat and rowdy hawker centers.

I have heard so much and I was looking forward to a life-changing plate of nasi lemak.

Menu is straight forward, nasi lemak, pairing dishes as well as dessert.

Ayam Goreng Berempah ($12.80)
Coconut Rice, Chicken Leg, Ikan Bilis, Peanuts, Cucumber, Fried Egg, Sambal

Granted every single diner had this and I was taken aback by the fragrance. I mean okayyy, nasi lemak usually smells amazing because of the coconut milk and coconut leaves combined (power combo alright).

I was extra cautious approaching my plate - maybe the price tag or the expectations but let's just re-align.

Cucumber slices and Fried ikan bilis and nuts were mandatory, though not exceptional. My fried egg was done Thai style with those crispy edges and somewhat too much oil. The rice was as mentioned very fragrant and the soul of nasi lemak. That sambal belachan in itself was what stole the show, heat levels can go several notches higher but I ain't complaining at all.

Now the chicken, lemon grass was cleverly blended into the marinade and gave the tender chicken parts extra crunch. I liked the chicken and the portions just that if I were posed the challenge of fried chicken versus this, I may have some huge issues deciding.

So then, while this was nowhere near a ridiculously expensive plate of nasi lemak, it was good. I do consider myself a huge fan of the belachan and slight over the fence on the rest of the plate.

Since I was already there and having busted any calorie quota for lunch I may as well juts tip those scales with another order of cendol ($3.80).

Uh, ok. Gula Melaka was neither sticky not too sweet, somewhat nutty infact and it was served shaved ice ball style and no, my life did not take a U-turn. I'm not quite getting the fuss on this being best in Singapore however.

This is what gets to me mostly - having taken so much trouble, I try to order as much so I need not return.


Kueh Salat ($2)

Chalk Farm's and Peranakan Khek ranks tops for me and in comparison, rice was hard and custard lacking some yummy wobble. I'm not on this same kueh-wagon.


Kueh Bingka ($1.80)

Baked tapioca cake was mildly sweet and had a rather dense consistency.


Kueh Kosui ($1.80)

Well just because I had to try all on their menu. Almost jellied than kueh, I'd then say I've had better kuehs.

I'd give the team props for audaciously serving Malaysia's pride and making it signature. For this particular dish, I'm still that hawker girl who'd prefer to sweat it out.

The Coconut Club
6 Ann Siang Hill